The Metaverse: a revival of Second Life?

DW Shift: 

The idea of a second virtual world has been around for some time. With Second Life one of the biggest projects started in 2003. But the project did not achieve real success. Now Facebook is also trying to take the step into the VR worlds with Facebook Horizon. But Facebook is not alone. There are also some other approaches to create new worlds in VR. All about it in this video. What do you think about these VR worlds?

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Education in virtual worlds

Second Life

Training in virtual worlds? Second Life, does this still exist? Wasn’t it a fade 10 years ago?

Virtual worlds have been used for training for quite a while by now, but never have they reached this level of engagement, speed and design. Students from around the world can feel as if they “were there”.



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Our CTO sets a car on fire!


Thanks to our CTO, we are now able to set cars on fire, but also buildings, planes and even oil platforms. We can also create earthquakes and much more! Anything that leads to claims, our CTO and his team can create it!



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Training for sales people

Watch industry

Sales representatives in the watch industry who travel a lot might have to bring several models with them.

This is not needed any more.


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How to learn thanks to virtual worlds?

Virtual worlds and learning

Philippe Séjalon demonstrates how to use a virtual world to learn languages at the Polyglot Conference in Berlin.

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