The Most Innovative Sales Academy in Insurance

This Academy offers online sales courses that are customized, engaging and rewarding. Learners can boost their sales skills and earn digital rewards in various formats.


This Academy provides highly engaging and innovative online sales courses. Each course can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.
Your salespeople will learn how to increase sales and close higher-value deals.

Duration: 6h

The skills you will acquire

SA01 - Establishing a mindset for sales success

This module teaches you how to:  

  • Develop the most important skills and characteristics of a great sales person
  • Create YOUR vision of a successful career
  • Build great long lasting relationships with your clients
  • Be fully motivated and at the top of your game everyday

SA02 - Finding high quality clients for your business

This module teaches you how to:  

  • Find the most profitable clients as a broker and insurance company and enjoy higher margin sales with fewer calls
  • How to use your databases, LinkedIn, social media and referrals to create many warm and friendly first calls. Avoid rejection and wasting time with cold calls 
  • Never run out of clients who are happy to do business with you

SA03 - Approaching your clients successfully

This module teaches you how to

  • Prepare great introductions and be the ONE sales person clients do not hang up on
  • Truly understand your client’s problems and needs.
  • Sell them solutions to their problems that they are truly interested in
  • Differentiate yourself from the big mass of average sales people. Be treated as a trusted & valued expert and partner rather than an annoying sales person.  

SA04 - Making sales

This module teaches you how to: 

  • Deal with your client’s objections and make sure they don’t keep you from closing that sale
  • How to use the irresistible FAB sales techniques, which inspires your clients to trust you and value you as true expert and advisor
  • Succeed in using powerful negociation techniques
  • Different methods to close deals successfully

SA05 - Securing recurrent business

This module teaches you how to:

  • Create a continuous sale funnel, where you always have promising new clients to call
  • Create a business built on good reputation and recommendations where clients call you!
  • How to maximise follow – up sales and create exclusivity. Make sure you are the one your clients call when they have new needs. This allows you to make great profits with without the frustration of cold calls

SA06 - Becoming a successful leader

This module teaches you how to:

  • Hire the right people. Avoid wasting money and time on wrong hires
  • Understand people’s unique character and motivations. Help them set goals that keep them motivated
  • Have a functional appraisal system in place that empowers people to be the best sales person they can be
  • Avoid the most common management mistakes that demotivate individuals or the whole team

An Engaging and Innovative Training

Fun illustrations

Sales is NOT about luck

Digital rewards

Designed by professionals

To create ultimate courses based on uncompromising content and flexibility, world-class sales experts and learning course developers have come together. These courses deliver the most on elevating performance through cognitive research, engagement-oriented methods and years of relevant experience. With Ingage's e-learning masterpiece, you can achieve your greatest success.

Comprehensive subjects, dig deeper.

From Introduction to the Market to the most recent trends, we offer complete portfolios of courses on insurance and finance at the highest level. We've trained multiple MNCs, governments, SMEs and start-ups and constantly updated our content based on their feedback. How will blockchain change insurance? What about AI? How do top-tier companies calculate risks? Contact us to find out.

Built for better engagement

Since the lack of engagement has always been a major problem in enterprise education, we've built an immersive solution to keep our trainees to stay in. Combined with carefully designed progressive gamification tools with AI tailored curriculums, we inspire our learners to focus on and get things done.
Our goal has always been to help learners motivated enough to trigger actions. We've implemented edutainment methodologies, visualized dashboards, rewarding systems, reminders and communities on our courses. After years of research, we’ve found out the right engagement tool.

Your company deserves an Exceptional Learning Experience.

"INGAGE was a fantastic partner in helping Helvetia define our strategy, understand the latest technologies, and design a potential future implementation for our training."

Helvetia, Basel, Switzerland

Every year, we organise an international competition for the most innovative startup in several categories. Our jury chose The INGAGE Institute as a finalist for the most innovative company in the category "Financial Services" for 2023. Zurich.

The Venture Competition, Zurich, Switzerland

Our Jury selected the INGAGE Institute as a finalist in our international competition for the most innovative company in the Insurance Industry in 2023 in London.

Axco Awards, London, UK

"The most innovative company in digital training in insurance"

Zurich Insurance, Zurich, Switzerland

This Simulator helped us train our new underwriters in Zurich and Singapore. We also used it in the Middle East and Africa to train our clients who rated it as the best training we offered.

The Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland

Their training about Fire Insurance and Financial Lines is very dynamic. The format makes it nice and simple to learn, while focusing on the most important for those - like me - who don't have much time... 🙂

Interproteccion, Insurance Brokerage Firm, Mexico

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