Strategy & Innovation Consulting

Prepare your company for the technology shifts ahead – AI, Web3, Metaverse and more…

The "startup way": from ideas to implementation in a short time

1. Define a high-level strategy

We help you define a high-level strategy. We go through a series of 5 intense workshops of 90 minutes each, online or 1 full-day workshop on premise to identify the most important items.

2. Assess relevant technologies

We guide your team through the latest technologies – AI, Web3, Metaverse… – and how to maximise their impact on your business.

3. Design a quick prototype

We can accompany you from the idea to the prototype or minimum viable product in a lean way. Work like a startup, with a startup.

4. Choose components from our "Innovation Kit"


To implement a prototype or minimum viable product in the fastest way possible, you can use some of pre-existing components and adapt them to your need.

5. Full-scale implementation

Proceed to a full-scale implementation.

Why choose us

Several global insurers consider us as the “most innovative company in digital training in insurance” that they have seen.

The team is composed of experienced senior consultants, including ex-EY experts.

We offer

  • Trusted advice and partnership in digitizing insurance knowledge
  • Insights and best practices from the industry
  • Collaboration with leading insurers and experts on digital transformation projects and initiatives
  • Online courses, gamification, simulations, VR, AI and data analytics to make learning fun and effective

Your company deserves an Exceptional Innovation Partner.

"INGAGE was a fantastic partner in helping Helvetia define our strategy, understand the latest technologies, and design a potential future implementation for our training."

Helvetia, Basel, Switzerland

Every year, we organise an international competition for the most innovative startup in several categories. Our jury chose The INGAGE Institute as a finalist for the most innovative company in the category "Financial Services" for 2023. Zurich.

The Venture Competition, Zurich, Switzerland

Our Jury selected the INGAGE Institute as a finalist in our international competition for the most innovative company in the Insurance Industry in 2023 in London.

Axco Awards, London, UK

"The most innovative company in digital training in insurance"

Zurich Insurance, Zurich, Switzerland

This Simulator helped us train our new underwriters in Zurich and Singapore. We also used it in the Middle East and Africa to train our clients who rated it as the best training we offered.

The Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich, Switzerland

Their training about Fire Insurance and Financial Lines is very dynamic. The format makes it nice and simple to learn, while focusing on the most important for those - like me - who don't have much time... 🙂

Interproteccion, Insurance Brokerage Firm, Mexico

Grow Trusted Advisors with Us – The INGAGE Institute

We help you lead the future of insurance, empower your employees and clients with engaging training.