Create pictures for your online courses, fast

I have been using this new technology for a few weeks now. It is amazing!

Are you also tired of standard pictures that do NOT fully represent what you need to express in your training and presentation? 

I used to either hire an expensive designer or settle for an image that didn’t fully represent the message I was trying to convey.

With this new free AI website you can design landscapes yourself just the way you want it.

Soon you will even be able to design photos of office spaces, or people acting out your key messages. 

To create this landscape, all I had to do is position the shapes, such as mountains, clouds, and a lake and then…

 AI does the magic all by itself! 

This technology is going to make individualized graphic design accessible for everyone. Just like YouTube made posting videos online accessible for everyone. 

In case you want to try it, there you go: What do you think? 🙂

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Can you paint this too? ;-)

Have you ever wished you had a talented designer all the time with you to help you create learning content?

Think about this A.I. from NVidia! You are welcome to try it

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Do you still think that you are smarter than an AI? ?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can now solve grade-school math problems and, more impressively, university-level math problems.    

This AI is based on a language model called Codex that is able to write computer programs. It gets additional guidance in the form of being told what topic the problem is about, what code library to use, and what the definition of mathematical concepts is. It is also able to generate new math problems. According to human evaluators, it is almost as good as humans at solving math problems.   

What if I told you that AI wrote this text?   

AI can even help create online courses for insurance for example!   

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