Digital Incentive Program

The best loyalty programme based on Web3

Decrease CAC

Compete effectively against increasing Customer Acquisition Costs with key ingredients from a Digital Incentive Program

Expand audience

Reach new and existing audiences while incorporating Web3

Experience Web3

Gain deeper customer insights and foster participation with customer communities in ways not previously possible. Become an early adopters of Web3​

Strengthen marketing

Fuel existing marketing activities: NFTs are a vital component of the Web3 world that can complement present activities​

Stand out from competition

Explore the potential of Web3 and use it to stand out from the competition while building lasting relationships with customers​

Global brands enter the world of Web3

Global brands enter the world of Web3
Source: Moonblock The State of the Brand NFT Report 2022

We're seeing increased experimentation from brands around the concepts of loyalty, phygital commerce, data monetisation, and game-like metaverses.

Source: Moonblock The State of the Brand NFT Report 2022

Every brand will be a Web3 brand in the future

As with every major technological shift, Web3 adoption will pass through several maturity levels with early adopters already paving the way.

Source: NFTGo NFT Annual Report 2023

NFTs are still in their early stage of development with young people making up the majority of traders with over 66% of its users under the age of 34, 70% of which are male.

Why partner with us?

  1. We are a Zurich-based company, selected by InnoSuisse as an innovative startup
  2. We have a strong track record of innovation within the Swiss insurance industry including Helvetia and Swiss Re, but not only
  3. Our clients and users are also in Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia…
  4. We build innovative Web3 powered solutions that reinvent customer journeys and build brand engagement and loyalty

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