The INGAGE Institute

We offer solutions to re/insurance companies and brokers to train and engage their employees and clients 

A digital-first company

with international professionals

recognised in innovation

The Advisory Board

Doris Albisser
Doris Albisser

Advisory Board Member

Hans-Ruedi Kunz - Board Member
Hans-Ruedi Kunz

Advisory Board Member

The Team

Alexander Zirinski

CEO Germany

Alexis Kaiser
Alexis Kaiser

Head of Compliance

Ali Hauser - CEO Latin America
Ali Hauser

CEO Latin America

Allan Okoth - MD East Africa
Allan Okoth

CEO East Africa

Anna Lundholm-Andersen - GDPR
Anna Lundholm

Regulation / GDPR

Jessica Oliveira - Business Analyst
Jessica Oliveira

Business Analyst

Julie Chrysler - Social Innovation
Julie Chrysler

Social Innovation / CSR

Lucas Gros - GDPR
Lucas Gros

Regulation / GDPR

Heinz Braegger
Heinz Brägger

Head of Recruitment

Mathias Kaiser - Finance
Mathias Kaiser

Investor Relations

Minette - Chief Well-being Officer

CWO (Chief Well-Being Officer)

Patrice Sejalon - CTO and co-founder
Patrice Séjalon

CTO and co-founder

Patrick Grand
Patrick Grand

Insurance and Reinsurance Expert

Ricardo Andorinho - Entrepeneurship
Ricardo Andorinho


Rudolf Frei - Fraud Management
Rudolf Frei

Fraud Management

Shaul Goncalves - Art Director
Shaul Gonçalves

Art Director

Steen Magnussen - CEO Nordics
Steen Magnussen

CEO Nordics

Stephane Tétart - Naturopath
Stephane Tétart

"Full Potential" Consultant

Toby Richt - CEO UK
Toby Richt


Urs Guggenbühl - Innovation coach
Urs Guggenbuehl

Innovation Coach

Walter Kessler - Head of Accounting
Walter Kessler


Stéphane Gamin2
Stéphane Gamin

Head of Development

Patrick Schumacher - CEO Switzerland
Patrick Schumacher

CEO - Switzerland

Philippe Sejalon - CEO
Philippe Séjalon

CEO/Creator of Exciting Opportunities, co-founder

Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt

Head of Media

Rosangel Villanueva
Rosangel Villanueva

Course Manager

Vanessa Champion
Vanessa Champion

CEO France

JAVIER Villanueva-Course Editor
Javier Villanueva

Course Editor