WEF 2024

It was a privilege to participate in the panel discussion on hashtagemergingtechnologies (hashtagai, hashtagweb3, hashtagmetaverse) at QuantumfAi Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA) Davos Innovation Week hashtagDAVOS hashtagWEF2024

Great thanks to Philip J. Weights. Spandana Ayachitam, Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens, Dr. Suren Movsisyan!

Much appreciation to Efi Pylarinou, Steven Saltzman and Carolin Jauss for their insightful questions.


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Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA)

Looking forward to interviewing Markus Lehmann tomorrow about the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) and what it means to be an insurance broker nowadays! Great thanks to Binci Heeb from thebroker for this interview 🙂  

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The INGAGE Institute empowers companies to lead the Future of Insurance by increasing competitivity with Innovation & Strategy Consulting, maximizing collaboration and performance with an AI-powered Underwriting & Claims Simulator and strengthening employer branding with Exclusive Interviews.   

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The Future of Education – Interview with Eric Tsui

The Future of Education… and Insurance? – Watch this insightful interview with Eric Tsui, Professor at Hong Kong Polytech, and learn about new technologies, MOOCs and the Metaverse. (? find the link in the comments)

For weekly interviews with thought leaders from around the world, follow our YouTube channel and podcasts: @ingageinstitute 

Sit down – or walk, or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion! 

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Watch the interview

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basic insurance courses

Recruitment or communications

Are you in charge of recruitment or communications for an insurance company and struggling to improve your company’s image, boost recruitment or make the insurance industry more appealing? 

At INGAGE, we help you shine, strengthen employer branding, attract and retain talents thanks to Expert Interviews with top leaders from the industry. Discover some of them.

#insurance #insuranceliteracy #financialliteracy #interviews #expertinterviews 


Which issue would our interviews solve?  

  1. improve my company’s image (employer branding) 
  2. boost recruitment for my company 
  3. educate the general public on insurance (industry reputation) 
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Can Art be Money?

Or would you use art (turned into NFTs) as digital incentives for your employees? 

What an amazing meeting with Lars Kraemmer – founder of ArtMoney, artist on a mission – and his friend Lars H.U.G. – a renowned Danish singer! 

The “Larses”, Patrice Séjalon and I drew our first ArtMoney together and looked at how we could digitise ArtMoney into blockchain-based rewards for our award-winning digital incentive program.

Thanks for a productive and fun afternoon!

#art #artmoney #digitalincentives #digitalrewards #web3innovation #nfts #blockchain #engagement #loyaltyprograms

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the broker.ch interviews INGAGE’s founders

Great thanks to Binci Heeb, editor-in-chief from the thebroker.ch for this interview! You can read the original article here.



Founded in 2017, The INGAGE Institute provides digital training solutions that can be tailored to specific needs of every insurance company. Newcomers to the industry can learn about insurance and sales people can learn how to increase sales and close higher-value deals. They can also win digital rewards that they can spend in INGAGES’s marketplace. These rewards can be won during in-class training, online courses and even in the metaverse.

thebroker speaks with Philippe Séjalon, one of the founders of The INGAGE Institute in Zürich.

When was The INGAGE Institute founded? 

Ingage was created in 2017 to provide innovative insurance training for the new generation of employees. Prior to the rebranding, it was called Belinguo, based on Belinguo AG, headquartered in Zurich. 

Who were the founders? 

Marion Gioda, Patrice Séjalon, Philippe Séjalon. 

You are French, why do your brother and you work in Zurich? 

My brother, Patrice, is not based in Zurich, but in France. He works exclusively online. He is a digital nomad. As for me, Philippe, I love Zurich (and more generally Switzerland) where I came to work for Swiss Re in 2001. I found it a very suitable place to build a company. 

What is your business model? 

We help insurance and reinsurance companies as well as brokers increase profit by boosting their new recruits’ insurance skills with innovative training solutions on our digital platform. 

INGAGE offers insurance courses. What kind of courses are these? 

While we do offer digital courses about the basics of insurance or selling insurance, our USP is actually to offer a much more interactive and engaging learning experience thanks to simulators and serious games. We help insurance companies: 

  1. increase their #competitivity, stand out and bring the latest technologies to their business thanks to powerful Innovation Consulting, 
  2. #gamifytraining, maximize performance, incentivise collaboration with an AI-powered Underwriting & Claims Simulator, 
  3. master the sales process, win customers over and learn from mistakes by immersing themselves in real-like Zoom meetings with our AI-powered Sales Simulator,   
  4. shine, strengthen employer branding, attract and retain talents thanks to Expert Interviews! 

Are they all in English or in other languages as well?  

They are in English, German, French, Italian Spanish, Chinese or other languages. 

What is the Insurance Sales Simulator? 

It is an AI-powered Underwriting & Claims Simulator. It gamifies underwriting and claims training, maximizes performance and incentivises collaboration within the team. 

You offer educational games. What are they and who are they for? 

We have several educational games such as the #UnderwritingSimulator, #BoardGames or #TreasureHunts. They are all aimed at employees who work in the insurance industry or clients of reinsurance or insurance companies. 

The board games help them review key concepts while the treasure hunts contribute to team building. 

What are the benefits of your 3D Insurance World? 

It helps employees experience and understand insurance-related scenarios as if they were there. Imagine inspecting a large mobile phone factory or power plant and looking for all potential hazards that can set fire to it… 

Your online academy offers a gamified platform with exams and certificates. Tell me more about it. 

Our online platform offers academies like the «Sales Academy for Insurance Professionals» or the «The Fundamentals of Insurance» for newcomers to the industry. 

Learners can earn points, unlock new levels/courses and get certificates that state their achievements. These points can be converted into web3 digital rewards (coins or NFTs) and used in a market place. 

With the help of the course wizard one can create an engaging onboarding course for vendors’ developers and consultants with just 2 hours of their time. How is that possible? 

We help clients digitise their training content in a very efficient and natural way. Our course wizard consists of a proven methodology and an A.I.-powered tool based on a visual mind map filled in together with the client. It generates a strong basis for a complete digital course that can be fine-tuned manually if desired. The more relevant information we have from customers in advance, the more accurate and complete the course will be. 

Congratulations, INGAGE has been selected as finalist in the Venture Competition, Switzerland’s leading startup competition that recognizes innovative companies. When will you know whether you have won? 

The results are already there. We are very proud for being chosen as finalists this year even though we did not win the grand prize! We will probably participate again next year. 

There are very interesting interview video blogs on your website. The last one – thank you very much – is with me. How do you choose your guests? 

We love interviewing cool people in insurance! Most of them stumbled into insurance by chance. Why is it so hard for insurance to be appealing? Companies try to talk about it, but it sounds like boring corporate talk. We like professional, authentic people who know their stuff and are fun to talk to! 

We show how awesome the insurance industry can be, what goes on behind the scenes and reveal its «secrets». We show the variety of the jobs it offers and talk to people from all over the world, all roles and all levels (from CEOs and board members to trainees, receptionists, cleaners). 

We pick our guests based on recommendations from previous guests, our network and our goal to create this «Map of Insurance People»!

Is your company struggling to retain key knowledge from your own experts and top managers? Do you find it difficult to find a timeslot in their busy schedule to teach at your training sessions? Contact us. We record engaging interviews with them for you.  

Interview that could also be of interest: Versicherungswesen: Weiterbildungs-App mit spielerischen Lösungen


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Your partner in times of need – Interview with Marc Scheidegger

Insightful interview about dealing with claims, with Marc Scheidegger, Global Chief Claims Officer at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions  

00:00 Your partner in times of need – Interview with Marc Scheidegger
00:45 1. Welcome
02:20 2. What are claims?
06:05 3. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
08:56 4. How did you become a claims manager?
12:38 5. Interaction with the underwriting dept.
15:34 6. How do you train a good claims handler?
19:37 7. Can new technologies take your job?
22:44 8. Life advice for the next generation
23:20 9. Thank you 🙂



Great thanks to Giusy Cannella from Swiss Re and to our colleagues Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview and Patrice Séjalon for creating a powerful “Remote Interview Studio” based on A.I. ! 

#interview #claims #claimsmanagement #cco 

Watch the interview on YouTube or listen to the interview on your favorite podcast platform: 

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Ethical challenges posed by Tech – Interview with Luis de Miranda

Navigating Ethical Challenges in the World of AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain 
Are you aware of the ethical dilemmas associated with emerging technologies like generative AI, the metaverse, or the blockchain?  
As experienced strategists in our industry-leading consultancy, we guide top-tier organizations in optimizing their training environments and future-proofing them using cutting-edge technological advancements.  
We were recently honored to have an insightful conversation with renowned philosopher and novelist, Luis de Miranda, to delve deeper into these ethical challenges.

You can find the link to the interview in the comments below.

Sit down – or walk or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion.   
Great thanks to virginie Tolly for the introduction to Luis and to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!   

00:00 1. Welcome  
01:26 2. Technology and the future  
04:39 3. Fictions  
06:21 4. Metaverse  
22:28 5. Future of work  
28:04 6. Universal basic income  
34:25 7. Entrepreneurship  
38:07 8. Decision makers and the future  
38:56 9. Thank you 🙂  

#strategyconsulting #interview #philosophy #ethics #future #technology#metaverse #virtualworld #digitisation

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Embedded Insurance Era – Interview

Welcome to our podcast series. My name is Philippe Séjalon and in this podcast I had the pleasure to talk about digital insurance, micro insurance and social impact with Richard Leftley, a Venture Builder, Digital Insurance Pioneer and Founder. Sit down – or walk or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion. Great thanks to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!

Chapters: 00:00 1. Welcome 01:42 2. Embedded Insurance 13:42 3. MIC Global as a reinsurance company 27:30 4. Wavu 35:31 5. Future trends 39:44 6. Metaverse 40:46 7. Thank you 🙂 #interview #insurance #insurtech #innovation #socialimpact #microinsurance

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