Can you paint this too? ;-)

Have you ever wished you had a talented designer all the time with you to help you create learning content?

Think about this A.I. from NVidia! You are welcome to try it

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Understanding the process

Going on the field

In order to make the training really engaging for our future learners, we like going on the field where they are located. Wherever they might be in the world.

It’s actually a lot of fun! We meet people from all walks of life. We love it. 🙂



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Theater workshop for children victim of violence in Hong Kong

Our team in Hong Kong organized a whole weekend workshop to help children victim of violence to regain a bit of confidence by developing their language skills to perform a theater play. 

Thanks to Miss France finalist, Maud Garnier, and all our other volunteers without whose help this would not have been possible! 

At the end of this weekend, the children held an amazing theater play in English!

We all had a lot of fun. Congratulations! 🙂




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