Quick survey for managers to improve sales via training of their teams (8 questions)


Welcome! As a sales or product manager, do you feel that some sales people in your team:

  • Fail to earn the expected revenue?
  • Leave your team too soon before bringing real value?
  • Need training or support to thrive in the current climate?





What’s in it for you? 

As a thank you for taking part to this survey before July 1, we offer you:

  1. an invitation to our innovation webinar where we:
    share the key results of the survey with you
    – and elaborate actionable training solutions to achieve your sales goals.
  2. a 3-month access to one introduction module from our interactive online Sales Academy.

      Protection of your data?

      1. INGAGE will not share any of this data with other companies.
      2. Your responses will used anonysmously in a summarized way.

      Any other questions? 

      In case of questions, please contact us.