Residents of this Swiss city will be able to use Bitcoin to…


«The city of Lugano will accept Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA tokens as ‘de facto’ legal tender. Residents of the Switzerland city will be able to pay taxes, parking tickets, public services and tuition fees using crypto.» 

Source: Coin Telegraph


If even cities, local governments, are now starting to use the blockchain, is it possible to use it for learning ecosystems and LMSs? 

We have been strong believers in the blockchain and Metaverse for a long time. We are convinced that it will bring a real value to education, engagement and the motivation to learn. 

However, how can we use the blockchain in education? 

One of the main challenges for training departments is to get employees to go through the necessary online courses. Incentive programs based on the blockchain can be a great reward system to motivate employees. It’s a win for the employer, but also for employees!