Blended Learning and the Metaverse – Interview with Wilma Hartenfels

As part of our podcast series “Innovative Training in Sales and Insurance”Wilma Hartenfels interviews Philippe Séjalon on “Seamless Blended Learning”, the Metaverse and the future of training.  

Wilma: “Today I’m talking to Philippe Séjalon. Together with his brother Patrice and another founder, Marion, Philippe founded Ingage several years ago. Ingage brings innovative and immersive training experiences to the still quite traditional insurance industry.

Our interview (in English, with an introduction in German) is about the potential of the metaverse as a new stage of development of the Internet. Philippe explains how he brings together various disruptive technologies such as VR, AR, Blockchain, NFTs and crypto in a Seamless Learning approach to increase learner engagement.”

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How to engage learners thanks to « seamless learning »?

So, first, let’s check out a few definitions of what seamless learning can be. Here is what I found when I searched online: 

1. A type of mobile learning that emphasizes the removal of seams (i.e., gaps) within and between contexts, locations, devices, systems, learning tasks, learning settings, etc. Learn more in: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, Ubiquitous Learning, and Seamless Learning: How These Paradigms Inform the Intentional Design of Learner-Centered Online Learning Environments

2. The seamless integration of the learning experiences across various dimensions including formal and informal learning contexts, individual and social learning, and physical world and cyberspace. Learn more in: Mobile Technology-Enhanced Learning

3. A new approach of implementation of learning which provides seamless transition between different learning tasks. Learn more in: A Specified Ubiquitous Learning Design for Seamless Learning
4. Continuity of learning across multiple contexts through networked personal computing devices. Learn more in: Exploring Future Seamless Learning Research Strands for Massive Open Online Courses
5. It is integration of the learning experiences across various dimensions including formal and informal learning contexts, individual and social learning, and physical world and cyberspace. Learn more in: Seamless Learning Design Criteria in the Context of Open and Distance Learning
For the sake of simplicity, let’s consider that the definition of seamless learning could be «The smooth integration of the learning experiences across various learning systems and activities.» 
Imagine your students in your classroom on Monday.  You teach them, live, about the principle of insurance for example. 
Then, they go home and might want to review what you taught them and – for some of them – go even deeper in the topic. They use your company’s Learning Management System to access your online courses, extra articles, blog posts, watch relevant videos, listen to chosen podcasts and answer to MCQ as well as other quizzes to check their understanding. It can turn into a long evening. 🙂
However, they are very motivated to get a good start. The next day, they enter you virtual world where they can « experience » your products and the way you support your clients.
We could list a whole range of other activities. What is key here, is the seamless concept, i.e. the frictionless way of interacting with these different learning activities. 
Learners can choose the activities that suit them best and thus remain much more engaged. 
Last but not least, on top of this, you can offer a strong incentive program that operates across all these learning activities, where learners can earn NFTs and blockchain-based coins. 
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The Board Game Generator

Our tech team has developed a Board Game Generator that makes it possible to do the whole process of board game card generation automatic.

No lengthy projects anymore. Generate or re-generate the whole set of cards as needed!


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