Of course, you need to know your products when you want to sell them, but first of all, you need to understand the person you want to sell these products to! 

This might sound very obvious, but it actually isn’t. How many times have I seen beginner sales people pushing a potential client through a whole list of products and PowerPoint slides before even wondering what the client needs. Does it sound familiar? 😉

There are countless sales courses online, from cheap ones or even “free” ones on Youtube to very expensive ones. They all serve a purpose and probably give some very good tips, techniques and much more. 

However, one of the key points to become a good sales person – as far as I’m concerned – is very simple and goes directly to your core values: 


A good sales person must create trust. That’s it. 

You must do everything you can to deserve your clients’ trust. So, in short: become a “trusted advisor” and you will have a beautiful and highly satisfying sales career!

Oh, and one last thing: selling is about solving people’s problem. Isn’t it a beautiful job? So, go and help people!