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Recruitment or communications

Are you in charge of recruitment or communications for an insurance company and struggling to improve your company’s image, boost recruitment or make the insurance industry more appealing? 

At INGAGE, we help you shine, strengthen employer branding, attract and retain talents thanks to Expert Interviews with top leaders from the industry. Discover some of them.

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Which issue would our interviews solve?  

  1. improve my company’s image (employer branding) 
  2. boost recruitment for my company 
  3. educate the general public on insurance (industry reputation) 
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Your partner in times of need – Interview with Marc Scheidegger

Insightful interview about dealing with claims, with Marc Scheidegger, Global Chief Claims Officer at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions  

00:00 Your partner in times of need – Interview with Marc Scheidegger
00:45 1. Welcome
02:20 2. What are claims?
06:05 3. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
08:56 4. How did you become a claims manager?
12:38 5. Interaction with the underwriting dept.
15:34 6. How do you train a good claims handler?
19:37 7. Can new technologies take your job?
22:44 8. Life advice for the next generation
23:20 9. Thank you 🙂



Great thanks to Giusy Cannella from Swiss Re and to our colleagues Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview and Patrice Séjalon for creating a powerful “Remote Interview Studio” based on A.I. ! 

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Watch the interview on YouTube or listen to the interview on your favorite podcast platform: 

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Embedded Insurance Era – Interview

Welcome to our podcast series. My name is Philippe Séjalon and in this podcast I had the pleasure to talk about digital insurance, micro insurance and social impact with Richard Leftley, a Venture Builder, Digital Insurance Pioneer and Founder. Sit down – or walk or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion. Great thanks to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!

Chapters: 00:00 1. Welcome 01:42 2. Embedded Insurance 13:42 3. MIC Global as a reinsurance company 27:30 4. Wavu 35:31 5. Future trends 39:44 6. Metaverse 40:46 7. Thank you 🙂 #interview #insurance #insurtech #innovation #socialimpact #microinsurance

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Interview with Steve Arora, former CEO of Axis Re

Soon to come, a very interesting interview about being the Chief Executive Officer of a reinsurance company, with Steve Arora, ex CEO of AXIS Re.

Stay tuned!

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The counterintuitive psychology of insurance

The real reason you buy insurance may have as much to do with pleasing your psyche as it does protecting your wallet. Behavioral psychologist Orit Tykocinski explores the connection between insurance and the reality-distorting risks of “magical thinking” that may make you reconsider your own rationale.

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We have to remember, insurance is an antidote, it’s not a vaccine. It doesn’t ward off evil; it doesn’t eliminate the risks that we face. However, when it comes to insurance, the distinction between an antidote and a vaccine somehow gets blurred in our minds. Why does it happen? It happens because people are not that good at assessing risks rationally. Let me give you an example. When I arranged my flight to come here, I had to decide if I wanted to buy travel insurance. Rationally, I should have based this decision on several considerations: the price of the policy, of course, the value of my luggage, the aggravation that I’m likely to experience if my luggage gets lost. And of course, the likelihood of such an event, right? But most of the time, we’re just too busy to make such rational calculations. And anyway, I doubt that Lufthansa are very keen to share their damage statistics with me. So what do we do instead? We rely on our intuition.

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Films where insurance plays a role!

What if you could onboard your new recruits and teach them about insurance thanks to Hollywood films – and others?


Would you think that insurance is a hot topic for Hollywood or Netflix? Probably not… however, insurance has been a great source of inspiration for movies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of films and series where insurance plays a role: 

  1. A Life at Stake
  2. Alias Jesse James
  3. Automata
  4. Cedar Rapids
  5. Double Indemnity
  6. Entrapment
  7. Evil Under The Sun
  8. Groundhog Day
  9. Lucifer 
  10. Memento
  11. Roadblock
  12. Save the Tiger
  13. Sicko
  14. Sleuth
  15. Strange Bargain
  16. The Big White
  17. The Incredibles
  18. The Killers
  19. The Last Seduction
  20. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  21. The Rainmaker
  22. The Truman Show
  23. To Catch a Thief


If you have some other titles to add, please let us know. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Traditional Insurance Companies moving to 100% remote initiatives.

Author: Juan D’Alessandro

Spain is used to long working days. It’s normal for employees to start at 9 or 9.30 and finish around 20:00 – It does include a nice lunch break from 13:30 to 15:00 though. This also applies to the insurance industry there of course.  

Today, I would like to speak about Liberty in Spain. As you know, Liberty is a traditional US insurance company. Not exactly a startup! They have a very long-standing experience in the industry and could be considered quite conservative.  

Now, things might be on their way to change. Indeed, Liberty Seguros (Liberty in Spain) will allow its 2,000 employees in Europe to telecommute permanently. They are investing heavily on technology to adapt to the new normal and improve their employee’s experience. This will allow their workforce to become ‘digital nomads’ around Spain. You can expect to hear about engagement and training platforms that they will be deploying to address their new needs. 

However, some senior managers around the world still doubt the remote working model. It is a great model, but it is not for everyone. 

At INGAGE, we have been a ‘digital-first’ company from the start. It is in our DNA. We help our clients digitize their training, their academies. We address their needs to generate content in a very dynamic way that will be available on demand for their employees, clients and salesforce. We look forward to seeing Liberty Spain’s result at the end of the year. 

Source (in Spanish): 


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Tecnología al servicio de los suscriptores de Líneas Comerciales

Guest Author: Juan D’Alessandro

Siguiendo con nuestro ultimo post sobre el impacto de la inteligencia artificial en la industria de seguros hoy vamos a hablar de seguros comerciales. Con agrado, vemos cada vez mas iniciativas, proyectos de transformación integral y capital fluyendo a Insurtechs enfocadas en Líneas Comerciales. Años de mercado blando han puesto mucha presión en los equipos de suscripción. Ajustes, recortes y reestructuraciones que han sobrecargado el día a día de los suscriptores al punto de comprometer su nivel de servicio a los brokers y clientes.

Desde RiskTech, trabajamos en distintas iniciativas que se adaptan a las necesidades y requerimientos de nuestros clientes como son:

. Triagge en base al apetito de la compañía al momento de la recepción a fin de definir prioridades y atender los casos mas importantes.

. Alertas de parámetros o exposiciones en base a autoridad o pautas de suscripción que se generan en tiempo real al momento de cargar la cuenta.

. Generar de forma automática la mayor cantidad de información posible. Tanto de fuentes internas (pago de prima, siniestralidad, otras líneas activas, etc.) como externas (google maps, NatCat, Nathan, noticias de actualidad).

. Estimación de la siniestralidad potencial a nivel cuenta y portafolio en base a datos históricos.

Estas iniciativas apuntan a liberar a los técnicos de tareas repetitivas para poder enfocarse en actividades de estrategia, desarrollo de negocios y suscripción pura impactando de forma positiva el resultado de la compañía.

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Buying insurance for billions – Interview with Ali Hauser

As part of our podcast series “Innovative Training in Sales and Insurance”, I had the pleasure to talk with Ali Hauser about buying insurance for large companies on the global insurance market, risk management and the role of captive companies.
Ali is the former CEO of Kot Insurance Company AG, Pemex’s Reinsurance Captive Company, with assets of US$1 billion. As such, he was one of the largest buyers of insurance in the world. 
He is fluent in Spanish, English, Arabic and French with a perfect understanding of the Global Insurance Market as well as Latin America
Ali likes to say: “Know your risk as much as possible”. Indeed, the better you understand your risk, the more you are able to manage it, and insure it.
Listen to this insightful podcast “Buying insurance for billions – Interview with Ali Hauser”. 
If you like it, please share it! We are also looking forward to your comments. Thanks in advance. 
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