Ethical challenges posed by Tech – Interview with Luis de Miranda

Navigating Ethical Challenges in the World of AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain 
Are you aware of the ethical dilemmas associated with emerging technologies like generative AI, the metaverse, or the blockchain?  
As experienced strategists in our industry-leading consultancy, we guide top-tier organizations in optimizing their training environments and future-proofing them using cutting-edge technological advancements.  
We were recently honored to have an insightful conversation with renowned philosopher and novelist, Luis de Miranda, to delve deeper into these ethical challenges.

You can find the link to the interview in the comments below.

Sit down – or walk or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion.   
Great thanks to virginie Tolly for the introduction to Luis and to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!   

00:00 1. Welcome  
01:26 2. Technology and the future  
04:39 3. Fictions  
06:21 4. Metaverse  
22:28 5. Future of work  
28:04 6. Universal basic income  
34:25 7. Entrepreneurship  
38:07 8. Decision makers and the future  
38:56 9. Thank you 🙂  

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Bite-sized sales training (free)

Hi, for those of you who are entrepreneurs, salespeople or just want to understand how to sell, here are some very concise videos that our team put together.

You can check them on INGAGE’s Youtube Channel under the Sales Training playlist.
If they contribute in any way to your success, we will be very happy! Let us know if you would like more of them and share them with whoever might need them. 

“May the Sales Academy be with you!”

Have a nice weekend 🙂

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Are you missing out on sales because you get discouraged too fast?

Many clients raise up to 5 major objections or challenging questions before they buy, studies have shown*.
The problem is that, by the time the client is finally ready to buy, about 91% of all sales people already gave up!
That means it is the 9% of all salespeople that know how to handle client objections that are successful.
This is an example from a call center doing many cold calls.
What does it look like for you? 

More to come in our next blog post…


*The number of objections or challenging questions that clients will raise obviously depends on the the product you are selling, the level to which you understood their needs and the relationship you have with the client.

If you want to know how to create great client relationships and handle objections, check out our Sales Academy!

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The new Sales Academy is out!

I am happy to share exciting news with you: our team has successfully launched the latest version of our Sales Academy! ? It is a series of sales courses that empowers people to enjoy selling and do so effectively and ethically.

Thanks to our enthusiastic trainer, Christiane Moeschler, who shares her 18+ years of experience in sales for this exciting and innovative academy!

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Helping the training community

This week we are helping a member of the Effective and Fun Training Techniques Group on LinkedIn to tackle an interesting topic.

Below you will find her question, and our answer to her 🙂

“What is the best way to keep people interested? Going from teaching 7th graders to teaching adults has been a difficult transition for me. Something I am really struggling with is shifting the focus of the training session from me talking to whole time to getting the people involved. It has become mostly me talking at them, and them asking questions. But i do not know how to get it to be more of a conversation. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!” (from Maria Morlando, Director of Training and Development at Enjoy Your Party Franchising, LLC., Effective and Fun Training Group, LinkedIn)

“Dear Maria, {…} Introducing interactive tools is key to be able to engage adults. Also I find asking them questions about what they think is much more productive than simply giving them the solution.

As a corporate trainer, I always try to shift my behavior from the “teacher” (who needs to pretend he/she knows it all – which is unfortunately what we do with kids) to the “coach” who is here to mentor them in their learning journey.

Adults – and kids – can learn most things on their own and need a coach to help them stay on track, inspire and challenge them. This also makes it so much more enjoyable and relaxing for the trainer (you) because you feel like you are here for the added-value stuff, not just repeating the same information over and over again.

I have also been experimenting with “group self-learning” lately and it works wonders: people in small groups learn together. Naturally the stronger elements of the group will help the weaker ones!”(from Marion Gioda, COO, Belinguo)

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