Do you speak more than 18 languages at A2/B1 level minimum and have a proven track record?  

We are looking to interview a top polyglot, a “hyperpolyglot”, who has reached an amazing level in language learning.  

We would like to share her/his experience with our global community of CEOs and Thought Leaders from some of the most prominent and innovative companies in the world.  

If it takes a lot of effort to learn one language, then it takes a huge effort to learn many languages! Or does it?  

If you recognise yourself in this and are interested to participate, please leave a comment or PM me. 🙂 

Here are suggestions for some of the questions I would propose for the interview. Feel free to add or improve them:  

  • How many languages do you speak and which ones, at which level?  
  • Why did you learn so many languages? 
  • How long has it taken you to come to that level?  
  • How do you keep your motivation over such a long time and remain engage with learning?  
  • What do people around you think about this? Do you have any special abilities or a lot of will power?  
  • Which tips and tricks would you have for people struggling to learn a language? 
  • Etc… 

Please note that as we are already interviewing a lot of experts in other topics, we will only be able to interview 1 or 2 hyperpolyglots. 

It might also take me some time to answer…  

You can see some of our previous “Expert Interviews” at  

Looking forward!  

Thanks in advance 🙂 

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