The trend of having a life of a digital nomad is getting only greater by the day. Our founders and digital nomads Philippe and Patrice had an interview with RTL and talked about the daily life of digital nomads in Croatia. So what’s the government’s, business and digital nomad’s perspective of view of this relatively new phenomenon? Check this video out:)

The first Croatian digital nomad is Melissa Paul from America. She is a social media manager and blog editor. She was the first to apply and now lives and works in Istria. And who are the digital nomads? These are the ones who can work anywhere in the world. All they need is a laptop and a good internet connection. There will be more and more of them because, from this year, Croatia is giving them one-year visas. 

Patrice and Philippe are living their dream now. Ever since they decided four years ago to change their lifestyle and become digital nomads. They combine the comfortable with the useful.

Patrice Séjalon
I feel so free now. It’s fantastic. It’s kind of normal to be in a place which is like Split and it’s amazing. And yet, you’re also working.

They lived all over the world but Split is an ideal place for them. They have been here since October.

Philippe Séjalon
There’s beautiful weather, nice people and it’s a cosy place with amazing nature. So we feel home.

Although their job requires good organization, they also like to be a part of the life of the local community.

I love picigin and we also love doing yoga. Yoga on Sustipan and yoga on the beach here. Running and doing yoga is what we really love.

Along with two brothers from France, Split is an increasingly common choice for life and work. 

Toni Trivković
Digital nomads from around the world. People call, looking for information. Are there co-working spaces in Split? Where we can meet locals? And what we decided in the association itself is, to here one person to help. With creating content so that these foreigners can integrate more quickly into the local community. And so that they could stay in the same community longer.

The state took care of it by introducing visas with special conditions for digital nomads.

Jan De Jong
Currently, we are working with the ministry of interior and the ministry of tourism together on developing one website where all the information will be available so that digital nomads will know what is the requirement that they need to read in order to apply.

This will make it easier for travelling businessman to decide for our country. 

Martina Nimac Kalcina
Given that they are very grateful, given that they are very good guests. Both neat and responsible. I think it’s an extremely good opportunity to take advantage of and host such people. Visa applications should start in March.