Navigating Ethical Challenges in the World of AI, Metaverse, and Blockchain 
Are you aware of the ethical dilemmas associated with emerging technologies like generative AI, the metaverse, or the blockchain?  
As experienced strategists in our industry-leading consultancy, we guide top-tier organizations in optimizing their training environments and future-proofing them using cutting-edge technological advancements.  
We were recently honored to have an insightful conversation with renowned philosopher and novelist, Luis de Miranda, to delve deeper into these ethical challenges.

You can find the link to the interview in the comments below.

Sit down – or walk or even run – and listen to this very interesting and pleasant discussion.   
Great thanks to virginie Tolly for the introduction to Luis and to our colleague Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview!   

00:00 1. Welcome  
01:26 2. Technology and the future  
04:39 3. Fictions  
06:21 4. Metaverse  
22:28 5. Future of work  
28:04 6. Universal basic income  
34:25 7. Entrepreneurship  
38:07 8. Decision makers and the future  
38:56 9. Thank you 🙂  

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