In this interview, Alex Solomon and Philippe discuss the blockchain and why it’s time to start paying attention to this space!

From the benefits of decentralisation and current use cases, to the regulatory front, this non-technical discussion will quickly get you up to speed.

The team is also currently collaborating on an exciting new blockchain project called Myntflo and plans to share more about the launch and early adopter programme in the coming weeks.



00:00 Web3 architect and founder of Genesis Networks
03:30 Web1, 2, 3?
05:47 Web3, the game changer
13:51 We don’t need banks anymore?
25:34 Fungible / Non fungible tokens
27:40 Digital ownership
31:51 Engagement and digital incentives
32:55 Fundraising, loyalty programs on steroids
37:46 Digital identity
42:52 Staking NFTs
44:51 Regulatory aspects


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