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Founded in 2017, The INGAGE Institute provides digital training solutions that can be tailored to specific needs of every insurance company. Newcomers to the industry can learn about insurance and sales people can learn how to increase sales and close higher-value deals. They can also win digital rewards that they can spend in INGAGES’s marketplace. These rewards can be won during in-class training, online courses and even in the metaverse.

thebroker speaks with Philippe Séjalon, one of the founders of The INGAGE Institute in Zürich.

When was The INGAGE Institute founded? 

Ingage was created in 2017 to provide innovative insurance training for the new generation of employees. Prior to the rebranding, it was called Belinguo, based on Belinguo AG, headquartered in Zurich. 

Who were the founders? 

Marion Gioda, Patrice Séjalon, Philippe Séjalon. 

You are French, why do your brother and you work in Zurich? 

My brother, Patrice, is not based in Zurich, but in France. He works exclusively online. He is a digital nomad. As for me, Philippe, I love Zurich (and more generally Switzerland) where I came to work for Swiss Re in 2001. I found it a very suitable place to build a company. 

What is your business model? 

We help insurance and reinsurance companies as well as brokers increase profit by boosting their new recruits’ insurance skills with innovative training solutions on our digital platform. 

INGAGE offers insurance courses. What kind of courses are these? 

While we do offer digital courses about the basics of insurance or selling insurance, our USP is actually to offer a much more interactive and engaging learning experience thanks to simulators and serious games. We help insurance companies: 

  1. increase their #competitivity, stand out and bring the latest technologies to their business thanks to powerful Innovation Consulting, 
  2. #gamifytraining, maximize performance, incentivise collaboration with an AI-powered Underwriting & Claims Simulator, 
  3. master the sales process, win customers over and learn from mistakes by immersing themselves in real-like Zoom meetings with our AI-powered Sales Simulator,   
  4. shine, strengthen employer branding, attract and retain talents thanks to Expert Interviews! 

Are they all in English or in other languages as well?  

They are in English, German, French, Italian Spanish, Chinese or other languages. 

What is the Insurance Sales Simulator? 

It is an AI-powered Underwriting & Claims Simulator. It gamifies underwriting and claims training, maximizes performance and incentivises collaboration within the team. 

You offer educational games. What are they and who are they for? 

We have several educational games such as the #UnderwritingSimulator, #BoardGames or #TreasureHunts. They are all aimed at employees who work in the insurance industry or clients of reinsurance or insurance companies. 

The board games help them review key concepts while the treasure hunts contribute to team building. 

What are the benefits of your 3D Insurance World? 

It helps employees experience and understand insurance-related scenarios as if they were there. Imagine inspecting a large mobile phone factory or power plant and looking for all potential hazards that can set fire to it… 

Your online academy offers a gamified platform with exams and certificates. Tell me more about it. 

Our online platform offers academies like the «Sales Academy for Insurance Professionals» or the «The Fundamentals of Insurance» for newcomers to the industry. 

Learners can earn points, unlock new levels/courses and get certificates that state their achievements. These points can be converted into web3 digital rewards (coins or NFTs) and used in a market place. 

With the help of the course wizard one can create an engaging onboarding course for vendors’ developers and consultants with just 2 hours of their time. How is that possible? 

We help clients digitise their training content in a very efficient and natural way. Our course wizard consists of a proven methodology and an A.I.-powered tool based on a visual mind map filled in together with the client. It generates a strong basis for a complete digital course that can be fine-tuned manually if desired. The more relevant information we have from customers in advance, the more accurate and complete the course will be. 

Congratulations, INGAGE has been selected as finalist in the Venture Competition, Switzerland’s leading startup competition that recognizes innovative companies. When will you know whether you have won? 

The results are already there. We are very proud for being chosen as finalists this year even though we did not win the grand prize! We will probably participate again next year. 

There are very interesting interview video blogs on your website. The last one – thank you very much – is with me. How do you choose your guests? 

We love interviewing cool people in insurance! Most of them stumbled into insurance by chance. Why is it so hard for insurance to be appealing? Companies try to talk about it, but it sounds like boring corporate talk. We like professional, authentic people who know their stuff and are fun to talk to! 

We show how awesome the insurance industry can be, what goes on behind the scenes and reveal its «secrets». We show the variety of the jobs it offers and talk to people from all over the world, all roles and all levels (from CEOs and board members to trainees, receptionists, cleaners). 

We pick our guests based on recommendations from previous guests, our network and our goal to create this «Map of Insurance People»!

Is your company struggling to retain key knowledge from your own experts and top managers? Do you find it difficult to find a timeslot in their busy schedule to teach at your training sessions? Contact us. We record engaging interviews with them for you.  

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We are finalists at the AXCO INNOVATION AWARDS in London! :-)

THE INGAGE INSTITUTE is proud to be a finalist at the Axco Global Insurance Awards (Innovation track), alongside global leaders such as Swiss Re, Marsh, Generali.  

The awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of the individuals/teams who work in the multinational sector of the insurance industry. 

Following a thorough judging process, The INGAGE Institute was shortlisted, ahead of the official awards ceremony to be held on the 25 May 2023.  

The judging panel was made up of a diverse range of highly influential and respected figures within the insurance community, including Dave Matcham FCII, Chief Executive of the International Underwriting Association, Praveen Sharma, Managing Director, Global Leader Insurance Regulatory & Tax Consulting Practice, Marsh Multinational, Christopher Croft, Chief Executive, LIIBA, Wendy Wilder, Executive Director, UK Division, IICF. 

The goal of our project ”IngageMe!” is to convert customers into loyal fans with the power of Web3. 

The Innovation Awards entry detailed the outstanding work of The INGAGE Institute showcasing innovation in the industry.  

This award category showcases the ability to push beyond the traditional boundaries and techniques used in the insurance sector to overcome regulatory challenges, respond with agility to major events and/or to drive continuous improvement in the operational delivery of global insurance. 

CEO Philippe Séjalon commented:  

“This is a fantastic recognition of the team and their work at The INGAGE Institute. 

We are extremely proud of being among the finalists and would like to take this opportunity to thank the outstanding IngageMe! team (Alex Solomon, Patrice Séjalon) for their hard work and expertise. They are the reason why we have been shortlisted.” 

Axco’s Managing Director, Mark Trumper added 

“On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to thank everybody who entered the Axco Awards and congratulate them. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate The INGAGE Institute on being shortlisted as a finalist in the category of Innovation. All of the applications represent the very best of what our industry has to offer and I am looking forward to welcoming all our finalists to the awards ceremony. 


The full list of finalists for the 2023 Axco awards can be found at 

The selected winners will be announced during the awards ceremony at the Hilton Bankside London on 25 May 2023 



Axco’s Global Insurance Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements, innovationand collaboration in the global insurance industry. Bringing together insurers, brokers, risk managers and their industry partners, these are the UK’s only awards to shine a light on the teams and individuals excelling in cross border operations. 

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Sales experts, Stable Diffusion AI

Always looking for experts

In order to bring the latest news about innovation, the future of technology, training – e.g. in sales or insurance – INGAGE is always looking for highly-qualified experts.  

Contact me if you would like to contribute or know anybody who would bring value to our podcasts and YouTube interviews.  

Thanks in advance 🙂 

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We are preparing our new Youtube channel for innovators in training

For those of you interested in innovation and the future of training (specially in sales and/or insurance), we are preparing a Youtube channel on the topic.  

There, we will share with you interviews we have recorded with top specialists from around the world in topics such as digital learning, the Metaverse and the blockchain, for training.  

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The raise of web3games and metaverse projects

How much have Web3 games and Metaverse projects raised last month?

Corporate training is often pointed at as lacky engagement. 

We consider that traditional in-class training and online training (LMS, LXP) combined with storytelling, Web3 and the Metaverse can drastically increase users’ engagement. 

In a context of increased inflation and instability, it is quite interesting to notice that Web3 games and Metaverse projects have raised $748 million in funds last month.

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Podcast: The Future of Training in Sales and Insurance

For many years, corporate training was mostly conducted in training centres or companies’ meeting rooms. Then came online courses and Learning Management Systems.

Now, in a fast changing world, the new generation of employees demand a much more engaging training. How can trainers leverage storytelling and the latest technologies, such as the Metaverse, virtual worlds, AR, VR, the blockchain, AI to bring their training to the next level?

The “Future of Training in Sales and Insurance” podcast brings you the latest from experts around the world in the field.

Listen at  



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INGAGE – Reimagining digital incentives

In just 90 seconds, you’ll learn to spark new life, and fun, in your company’s learning initiatives.

Would you like to see how? You are welcome to contact us.


Thanks to Heba for her great visualisations and thanks to Alex for his invaluable insights about the blockchain!

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Seamless Learning for re/insurance companies

How much do you innovate to offer the best training to your employees?

Which of the following building blocks have you already implemented to stay ahead of the competition?


#stayahead #innovativetraining #insurancetraining #corporatetraining #innovation #disruption #metaverse #virtualworld #insurance #web3 #blockchain #seriousgames #boardgames #seamlesslearning #blendedlearning #connectedlearning

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