Tatiana Donets, part of our Sales Expert Team.


If you are in sales, you’ve probably learned the best practice and tips on how to be efficient and successful in the selling process. 

But are you aware of the things not to do?  

Despite all your best efforts, do you still sometimes fail at closing those deals? 

Do you sometimes lack confidence or motivation?   If that’s the case, then maybe you are doing one of the things listed below. 


  1. You speak more than you listen.

If you want to fail in selling, then be sure to speak as much as possible! Don’t ask any questions! Talk more than your prospects or clients. This way you are sure to push on them products that are not relevant and that they don’t need. 


  1. You focus on the features of your product, not the benefits. 

Let’s imagine you are trying to sell a pen. It has the following features: 

  • part of it is made of gold 
  • it weighs 60 grams 
  • it hast enough ink for 100 hours of writing 

So, you list all the features. You are very factual and precise. But it doesn’t make your client dream about your product.  Hence, he won’t buy it! 

Instead, you could paint the following picture for your client: 

Your client is enjoying a wonderful holiday, sitting at a beautiful desk in his summer house by the river, writing a best-seller or a love letter with this pen. Can you feel the energy shift? Yes, that’s right. 

People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want! 


  1. You abandon too soon.

Did you know that on average a client will raise 5 objections before he buys? But most salespeople abandon after 1 or 2 objections! 

It’s not easy to feel comfortable when people express objections but, in the end, the prize goes to the most persistent one! 


  1. You have a negative attitude about your products, your company, or yourself.

What prevents most salespeople from being truly successful is their perception and attitude. 

Have you ever felt that: 

  • people you call find you annoying 
  • it can be a drag to call your potential prospects 
  • clients keep objecting to you (i.e., “I don’t have time to talk to you”, “I already have a provider”, “You are too expensive” …) 
  • certain days are difficult because you are being rejected a lot 
  • you don’t know your products or your clients well enough 

Negative thoughts and lack of confidence are immediately reflected in your body language and tone of voice. Studies show that clients can pick on your lack of confidence and insecurity even on the phone without seeing you! 

The result? No sale! 


  1. You don’t contact enough leads.

You may have heard the adage saying that selling was a “numbers’ game”. This means that you need to contact many leads to sell to a few. Out of 100 leads, you might only acquire 10 clients… 

How many clients have you contacted yesterday? Last week? Last month? … if your answer is “Nearly none”, you are clearly on the right track to fail to sell your product! 

On top of this, finding leads is not enough. You need to build a real relationship and trust, educate them about your services and your products. Your leads need to be organized in a sales funnel and “matured” to bring them to the decision to buy from you. 


  1. You want to finish what you’ve started!

How much time have you worked to prepare that smart, beautiful, and well-written PowerPoint presentation with 50 slides? Three, four hours, or probably more?! 

Now that you finally have that meeting with the client, you deserve to be listened to and to go through the entire PowerPoint presentation you prepared! 

Why would you waste all that amazing work just to adapt yourself and answer the clients’ questions? You could drift away from your slides! No way! 



Selling is not easy. It demands a whole set of different skills. 

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