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Advance the workforce with Ingage's online courses that empower insights and knowledge, foster engagement and create alignment to make real progress. Personalized by AI.

Learn the real on-site process of the insurance underwriting value chain through simulating risk calculations, determining the premium and protecting the company's book of business.

Based on popular rules and adopted by professionals, our games are one of the most effective ways to boost your ingenuity and enhance the ability to think outside the box.

Design your own learning experience with an LMS that ignites motivation and performs excellence with top-tier education experts.

With the help of our vast virtual environment, you can experience historical and your own insurance cases without limitation.

Transform your non-digital courses into digital content fast and easy to make them more agile, easier-to-manage and better at the performance

“They really brought their expertise from different industries and supported us building what we would like, what we wanted to achieve since the beginning. ”

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Pius L.

Department Head
Swiss Re

The Insurance Training that Delivers Results

Among industry leaders, startups and luxury brands, Ingage has been trusted by 2000+ professionals in 30+ countries. With the highest level of customer satisfaction and expected ROI, our program delivers meaningful improvements to scale up your business.

The Complete Learning Platform for Insurance

You wouldn't need any other insurance courses than this. Introducing our engaging online courses powered by AI, underwriting simulator, educational games with real fun and 3D insurance world for virtual training.
With Ingage's consolidated education tools, the conception of insurance training is now taken to a whole new level.

The Exceptional Learning Experience

First-rate insurance experts, trainers and the state-of-the-art technology. All here to create extraordinary educational methodologies from scratch. Every single detail has been designed to present an immersive & crystal-clear learning experience.

How we can help

Implement a Creative & Engaging Culture

Inage's innovative learning methodology covers knowledge, motivation, creativity and authenticity. Advance your employees with the skills and the confidence they'll need.

Reduce employee turnover

We assist to motivate your talents to keep growing and developing their career together with the organization.

Faster & Proper Onboarding

New workforces will cruise instantly with tailor-made trainings designed to create alignment and to share ways of working.

Develop superior leaders

Top tier learning program for managers, boards and directors to perform in excellency and make better decisions.

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