INGAGE's Exclusive Interviews - An F.A.Q.

Who do we interview?

We interview Thought Leaders from around the world who are relevant to professionals in the insurance and banking industries.

What is the goal of our interviews?

The goal is to share knowledge with our community, the general public and to promote financial literacy, insurance literacy.
Note: It is not a sales pitch from the interviewee!

Who are our viewers and auditors?

Our community includes several thousands of decision makers from the insurance and banking industries. Our viewers and auditors also come from the general public interested in learning more about these industries.

#financialliteracy #insuranceliteracy

Is this going to be a "tricky" interview?

As an INGAGE interviewer, it is my job to make the interviewee shine – even more than they usually do – and show the best of her/him. ?
It is not a political interview where the journalist tries to corner the interviewee.
However, we expect true answers and not a message coming from corporate communication.

How do we use these interviews and where do we publish them?

  • These interviews are shared for free on social media and leading podcast platforms
  • Some of them are integrated in our digital training platform in full or in part and potentially in different formats. (see some of the links below)

How long will the interview recording process take?

The interviewee needs to book 1.5h of her/his time for the actual interview even if the recording takes less time. The recording is done online.

What does the Interviewee need to do before the interview?

To ensure a professional quality for the image and sound of the video, we usually propose that the interviewee install a podcast-recording app on the device they will use to record themselves, e.g. their smartphone.

When can the Interviewee delete the Podcast Recording App?

The interview can delete the Podcast Recording App after the interview is over and their part has been uploaded to our servers.

When will the final interview be ready?

After the interview, we proceed to the editing. This can represent up to 20 hours of work for us! It might take several weeks or even longer for the video to be ready, depending on our priorities and workload.

Can the Interviewee steer the final result of the interview?

We always seek the interviewee’s feedback. The interviewee has the option to review the result and propose some editing. We usually accept the very vast majority of them, but we do reserve ourselves the editorial line and the right to say no.

Do we expect written answers ?

No, we prefer to ask all questions “live” during the recording.