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Behind the Top Management

An insightful interview about Board Members

Jean-Michel Chatagny

Board Member, Ageas Group


Imagine you spent the past 20 years climbing up the corporate ladder and finally made it as the CEO. Can you do what you want? Join me as we delve deeper into today’s topic together with Jean-Michel CHATAGNY, Board Member, Ageas Group to learn more about the role and responsibilities of Board Members in Insurance.
Welcome to this podcast where we explore innovation and corporate training in the insurance and banking industries. I’m Philippe, co-founder of the INGAGE Institute. We empower your employees and clients thanks to engaging insurance training such as Expert Interviews. “Understand better. Sell more”.


02:04 2. The job of a non-executive board member
10:10 3. How are people trained to become board members?
12:40 4. Can board members be blamed?
16:35 5. The board elects the new CEO
18:50 6. The impact of new technologies
25:36 7. Will top managers continue to fly around?
28:35 8. Any wish for the years to come?

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Special thanks

Great thanks to Jean-Michel Chatagny for sharing his wealth of experience with us, to our colleagues Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview, to Patrice Séjalon for creating a powerful “Remote Interview Studio” based on A.I. and to Philippe Séjalon for hosting this interview! 

LinkedIn profile: Jean-Michel Chatagny
Company profile: Ageas Re, Ageas Group, AG Insurance.

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