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1. What makes us different?

There are many training providers around the world, such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, etc. So, what makes us different? 

1. They are not specialised in insurance and sales. We are. 

While they offer thousands of courses, most of these courses are not about insurance or sales. They range from cooking, yoga to biology and include many other highly exotic topics.

Futhermore, the few courses they have on our topics are often unrelated with each other. They don’t constitute a coherent learning path. 

At INGAGE, we are specialised in the insurance sector. We understand the culture, concepts, business and have a large network within the industry. We create a coherent learning path.  


2. They only offer online courses. We offer a seamless learning experience.

They offer online courses mostly composed of some videos, texts and quizzes.  

We create a comprehensive and innovative blended-learning experience including training with the Metaverse, virtual worlds, simulations, games and incentives (blockchain) where data flows across systems in seamless way. This is Seamless Learning


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