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Your partner in times of need

Insightful interview about dealing with claims, with

Marc Scheidegger

Global Chief Claims Officer at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.


00:45 1. Welcome
02:20 2. What are claims?
06:05 3. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
08:56 4. How did you become a claims manager?
12:38 5. Interaction with the underwriting dept.
15:34 6. How do you train a good claims handler?
19:37 7. Can new technologies take your job?
22:44 8. Life advice for the next generation
23:20 9. Thank you 🙂

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Special thanks

Great thanks to Giusy Cannella from Swiss Re and to our colleagues Laura Servadio for coordinating the development of this interview and Patrice Séjalon for creating a powerful “Remote Interview Studio” based on A.I. ! 

LinkedIn profile: Mark Scheidegger
Company profile: SwissRe CorSo

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