Onboarding vendors’ developers

Large insurers, reinsurers and banks often have a lot of external developers from vendors joining their projects on a regular basis. Whether these developers come from the largest outsourcing companies around the world or small and very specialized consultancies, they often lack the knowledge of the bigger picture of the projects they join and, let’s be honest, feel a bit lost at the beginning…

One very experienced Agile coach working for a large bank told us very recently that he asked some third-party developers working for this bank (many of them based offshore): “Do you know who your client is?”, “Do you know what the strategy is?”, “What is the goal of our project?”, “Who are the decision makers and main stakeholders on the client’s side?”, “What are the KPIs for our success?”, “What are the key technologies involved besides the ones you work with?”.

The developers looked at each other puzzled. They had no clue.

We believe in empowering people rather than giving one order after the next. We believe that knowing your customer helps deliver a higher value.

This is the reason why creating online courses for onboarding at a TEAM’s level, including for externals – not only at company-level for employees – is key. It saves precious time – and money. However, so far it has been too cumbersome and expensive to create such online courses.

Thanks to our Course Wizard, this is now possible and faster than ever.

Do you have another experience, agree, disagree? Thanks for letting us know! We always appreciate feedback. 🙂